The Mastercopies Portrait Series reconfigures well-known old master’s paintings into contemporary portraits in various media.


Portrait of Renee (after Vermeer) is a video portrait of Renee Shearer, a close friend of the artist, in the same pose and clothing as the figure in Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring -- except shot from behind. During the three-minute video loop, Renee remains mostly still, except for one moment when she reaches to touch her pearl earring, which then swings slowly back and forth from the movement. At the end of the loop, Renee rises and disappears from the frame.


Self-Portrait, After Vermeer, is a mastercopy of Vermeer's famous painting, Girl With A Pearl Earring, except that in place of the original subject's eyes, the artist has painted in her own, almond-shaped eyes.


The series was featured in a solo exhibition, "Portraits," at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery in 1999.







JD Beltran - Renee as a Vermeer


JD Beltran - Self Portrait as Vermeer


JD Beltran - Mastercopies Installation at the SFAC Gallery